Rachel K. Zall in a fabulous top hat

RACHEL K. ZALL is a poet, performing artist, erotica author, graphic designer, activist, catmom and lots of other stuff. She lives in Philadelphia, PA with her charming partner and their three weird cats.

In Spring 2009, she published her first collection of poetry, The Oxygen Catastrophe: Poems 1999 - 2006. Her second, New Problems was released in early 2010, and she is currently working on a book of poems about the experience of living in a trans body as a woman, tentatively titled either Exonym, Endonym, or both. (Though that title may change if she's fickle.) (Which she is.)

In 2011 her first work of fiction, entitled "The Visible Woman," was published in the anthology Take Me There: Trans & Genderqueer Erotica edited by Tristan Taormino, which won a Lambda Literary Award for Trans Fiction.

Her second published story is a comic donein collaboration with artist Christianne Benedict called "The Exile & Happy Landing of Natalie Ríos." It's currently being serialized on Tumblr.

Rachel has performed her poetry and read her fiction in venues across the northeastern United States, including at Bluestockings in New York City, TranScriptions in Boston, Port Veritas in Portland, Maine, and Stonewall Communities' Sex & Gender In The City: From Lesbian Feminists In The 70's To LGBTQQIA's Today conference in Brookline, MA.

Rachel has also presented Transfeminism workshops with spiffy people like Gina de Vries and Danielle Askini at fancy places like Harvard University and the Creating Change conference. In her years as a board member and volunteer staffer at the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition she presented Trans 101 workshops at colleges and workplaces across the Boston area. In addition to that, she regularly gets sucked into co-presenting the Trans Women & Femme Identity workshop with Imogen Binnie at the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference.

She has many hats, and all of them are as fabulous as this one.

© Rachel Zall (but she's usually happy to share if you ask nice)